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Andean Hercampuri: Ideal for weight loss, reduces fat
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Acts as a detoxifying and diuretic, burns body fat by regulating the metabolism and reducing excess body fat.

Natives from the Peruvian highlands has known and recommended it for its Hepatoprotective properties and lowering cholesterol. Hercampuri is recommended because it acts as a detoxifying and diuretic, burns body fat in the metabolism and regulates it a well ass reducing excess body fat without risk of causing anorexia and reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems.

Hercampuri is a blood detoxifier which helps to eliminate low-density lipids in the blood. It facilitates the circulation and because of its diuretic action it is used to normalize blood pressure. Hercampuri helps energize the body because it helps balance the metabolism and improves circulation.



  • It facilitates the secretion and excretion of bile.
  • Hepatoprotective (tones, regulates, strengthens, detoxifies and protects the liver, also regulates enzymes).
  • Diuretic (tones, regulates, strengthens, detoxifies and protects the kidneys, helps reduce uric acid).
  • Lowers cholesterol.
  • Hypoglycaemic.



  • Glycoside type bitter substances: Eritaurina, Amarogencina, Gentiopicrin.

  • Bitter glycosides: Gencina, Genciomarina.

  • Crystallisable substance: Eritrocentaurine.

  • Unsaturated Lactones: Genciopicrósidos.

  • Xanthenes: 1,8-OH-3 ,5-OMexantona, 1-OH-3 ,5-OMe xanthenes, 1,3,7,8-OH xanthenes, 1,3,5-OH xanthenes, 1,3,5 ,6-OMexantona, 1,3,7-OH  xanthenes, 1,3,6,7-OH-2-C-glycosyl xanthenes, 3 ´, 4´ ,5,7-OH-6-C-glycosyl flavone1,3,5-OH-8-O-glycosyl xanthenes.

  • Minerals: aluminium, calcium, chlorine, magnesium, potassium, sodium.

  • Others: inverted sugar, volatile oils, mucilages, tannins,
    acid gentian, hemicelluloses, alkaloids, glycosides saponins, waxes, resins, Secoiridoids.

The Eritaurina (Hercampuri bitter substance), together with the glycosides and bitter principles, give the properties of cholagogue (facilitates bile secretion), choleretic (secretion and excretion of bile), hypercholesterolemia (lowers cholesterol) and diuretic (increases the secretion of urine).



It is not known with certainty the active nor the mechanism of action of hypercholesterolemia activity of Hercampuri. It is believed that its effects are due to the large number of bitter principles of the plant, which stimulate the secretion of bile acids and as a consequence reduce cholesterol levels as this is mobilized to be converted into bile acids.

In general, species of the family are characterized by Gentianáceas Secoiridoids and xanthenes, xanthenes being of particular interest because they are strong inhibitors Mono Amino Oxidises and be strong chemical markers.



  • Pre-clinical: Rebaza and Lamoca Llanos Sanchez, in an real life experimental study with the control group and pattern (colestipol) in rabbits with induced hypercholesterolemia, showed that the decoction of Gentianella alborosea at doses of 77mg and 134mg/kg pc exerts hypercholesterolemia and colestipol intensity similar to the dose of 286mg/kg bw, being the lowest dose that produces the greatest effect. Gentianella alborosea concluded that reducing cholesterol and LDL and increases HDL and VLDL slightly.

    It has also been demonstrated in biological trails its hypoglycaemic action,
    Cortijo and Rodriguez (Trujillo 1998), found that infused G. alborosea at doses of 150 and 300mg of dry extract per kilogram of weight, has a diuretic effect similar to each other and hydrochlorothiazide at a dose of 2mg/kg pc, but less than that produced by Furosemide at a dose of 10mg/kg bw

  • Clinical Trail: In clinical experiences there is an evident decrease of LDL cholesterol in blood, mobilizing them to be converted into bile acids. It is a purifying hepatic par excellence cholagogue its action is due to the large amount of bitter substances it contains. Others is a regulator of fat metabolism, so that is used to reduce obesity exógenol type. It is also a major regulator of fat metabolism; therefore it is used to reduce of exogenous obesity.


Eritaurina, xanthenes (formed by cyclization Bezofenonas), Gentianáceas like: all alkaloids, heterósidos1, 6.8, coumarins, type glycosidic bitter substance, substances anthracite, sugars (gentian gecibiosa and sucrose), tannins, triterpenoids, leucoanthocyanidins, catequihas3.4, saponins, resins, waxes, hemicefulosa, possible presence of phenolic acids, Phytosterol and others also contains aluminium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and also reported chloral sesquiterpenes with a skeleton called alborosea.



The word "Hjircan pureck" comes from Quechua and means "he who walks from town to town", referring to the doctors of the Incas that went through the villages carrying in his saddlebags various medicinal plants.

The Gentianaceae family consists of about 75 genera and approximately 1000 species of cosmopolitan distribution, but more common in temperate and subtropical regions and in small tropical mountains. The greatest sort is Gentianella, with 400  other species.
 Grass small (5 cm) twisted cracked perennial root, stem, short dark brown, the leaves are small 0.5 to 1 cm, straight, opposite, simple, spear shaped, sessile, dark green. The flowers are small (0.5 to 1.5 cm) lilac or violet, hermaphrodite, grouped in inflorescences cimosas. Fruit in decent capsule with great number of seeds of dark or black brown color.

*Location in Peru

It grows in the Andean region, including in 2800 to 4300m above sea level,in las punas 3 to Puno, Huanuco, Junin, Ayacucho, Ancash, Amazonas, Cusco, Cerro de Paseo, Cajamarca.



300 mg Capsules 

  • Route of administration: Oral
  • Dosage: 1-3 capsules daily
  • Contraindications: None reported
  • Precautions: Discontinue use after two months for a period of 1 week, administered during pregnancy
  • Adverse Reactions: None reported
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