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Andean & Amazonian Natural Products for you Health and Beauty


Natural Beauty with exotics and indigenous ingredients. (See products range)
Buy here. Snail Cream (50gr.)
Snail Cream (50gr.)
Shea Butter
Snake Venom Cream (50gr.)
Snake Venom Cream
  Natural Cosmetics
for your beauty
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Inca tuber, a wonder of science. Maca Vitae (trademark) is the purest Maca in the market, brought from the heart of the Andes. Maca in Capsules and in Powder form, having the best quality. (See all the products here.)
maca vitae capsulas
Maca (100caps.)
maca roja capsulas
Red Maca (100caps.)
maca negra capsulas
Black Maca (100caps.)
For better care of your health and beauty. Buy here.


Soursop has a long history in natural medicine as well as a long record in indigenous practices thanks to its properties, known about for many generations. (See products range)
Hojas de Graviola (90caps.)
Graviola Leaves Extract
Buy here. Graviola Powder (160gr.)
Graviola Powder
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The most powerful herbal extracts from Amazonian plants. Purple corn, yacon, graviola, camu camu, cat´s claw, for your general health.
(See products range)
Acaí (100 caps.)
Acai (100caps.)
Aguaje (100caps.)

Aguaje (100caps.)

Camu Camu (100caps.)
Camu Camu (100caps.)
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Maiz Morado (100caps.)
Purple Corn (100caps.)
Hercampuri (100caps.)
Hercampuri (100caps.)
Guarana (90caps.)
Guarana (90caps.)


Known also as Inca-Peanut. Sacha Inchi Oil has high protein content (33%) and is one of the largest vegetable sources of Omegas (93%).(See products range).
Buy here. Sacha Inchi Oil (250ml.)
Sacha Inchi Oil (250 ml.)
Sacha Inchi Capsulas
Sacha Inchi Oil (100cap.)
Buy here. Sacha Inchi Powder (200gr.)
Sacha Inchi Powder (200gr.)
Sacha Inchi Oil has a high content of: Omega 3 (over 48%), Omega 6 (36%) and Omega 9 (8%), these fatty acids are directly involved in important vital functions.

Sacha Inchi Oil is an ideal complement for nutritional diets (specially for diverse sickness recuperations and dietary needs of the elderly). It also helps to regulate the blood pressure. (Buy Sacha Inchi Oil)



Products manufactured for promotion and sustainable development at all points in the production chain of aguaje and dragon's blood.
Aceite de Sacha Inchi (250ml.)
Aguaje or Buriti Oil
Sangre de grado, dragon`s blood resin
Sangre de grado, dragon`s blood resin
Solidarity Key ring (carved Aguaje)
Solidarity Key ring (carved Aguaje)
Amazonian Extracts. Click here.
Andean Extracts. Click here.
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