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Resins and latex extracted from Amazon trees that have proven medicinal healing actions, antivirals, remove inflammations …


Copaiba Oil



Dragon's blood



Copaiba Oil(Copaifera Paupera)

The Amazonian Oleoresin

Copaiba oil is obtained from the copaiba tree,  long used by natives in the  Amazon Jungle, by distillation. This natural oil is indicated for treatments of diseases such as bronchitis, (antiseptic and as expectorant) and inflammations. Copaiba oil contains the active copaiba acid, which is eliminated by the kidneys and acts as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory of the mucous genital and urinary system. It is very effective on gonorrhea -  not chronic.

Benefits of Copaiba Oil:

Copaiba oil is a great healer and detoxifier used by natives on the jungle to treat their intestinal inflammations and sporiasis with amazing results.
Copaiba oil is known as a special protector of the digestive system that encouragesand stimulates its best performance. In addition, we know of his great power to desinflamate and its power for keeping the joints and respiratory system in excellent conditions.

Moreover, Copaiba oil helps to lubricate lasarterias and veins, favoring an adequate flow of blood and a general better oxygenation.

Its use for treating problems of the skin has spread globally as well as its benefits for direct application on the skin to perform massages, either in pure form or blended with essential oils. Medicines like these are being accepted by many major medical and medically-associated bodies, from new-age hospitals to forward-looking insurance sites that offer health advice, and with the spread of this new information and insight into the uses of herbal medicines like this, we enjoy more open-mindedness when it comes to healing ourselves. It helps to activate blood circulation, resulting in a great help in cases of variz. Copaiba oil is the best ally for a healthy body and skin. It is advised for treating psoriasis, herpes, dermatitis and fungi problems. It stands out as an exceptional natural fungicide.

Cosmetology: The oil has a growing demand to develop cosmetic products.

Use of Copaiba oil:

For internal use, it is advised to take five to ten drops of copaiba oil, in half a glass of water, one to three times a day.

In bath seats, it must be used from 20 to 30 drops once or twice a day. For best results mix the oil with Dragon's Blood resin in equal parts.

Buy copaiba oil:

Copaiba Oil (30 ml)


Dragon's Blood (Croton Lechleri)

The Amazon Latex

Latex Amazonian tree of the genus Croton, especially C. lechleri, is called Dragon's blood or GRADO'S blood, it is used in traditional medicine since the time of ancient Amazonian tribes and in modern times it has been studied and has proven their medicinal properties as healer, thanks to its alkaloid content of Taspinar, and as antiviral, for the content of the principle SP-303, a Proanthocyanidins oligomers antiviral action.

Benefits of Dragon's Blood:

DRAGON'S BLOOD for external use is useful  for the treatment of stomach ulcers, gastric problems, skin inflammation and rheumatism. It is also used in the treatment against acne. Dragon's blood improve the defense level of the body.

The Indians of Peru have used the red resin of this dragon's bloodd for the resolution of skin wounds and ulcers.

Scientific researches made by University "Cayetano Heredia, Peru" and the School of Biological Sciences of Lima, were able to determine that the alkaloid Taspinar could be the main component, responsible of its healing properties. This alkaloid also demonstrated in in vitro tests, cytostatic activity compared with KB tumors and V-79.

The resin has proven over several trials astringent properties useful in resolving diarrhea, ulcers and bleeding. For this reason it is used in the form of eye drops, mouthwash and tooth-paste. 




1.- Active healing
The dragon´s blood stimulates the contraction of the wound, helps in the skin regeneration, quickly helping the formation of collagen.

2 .- Antibacterial and antiviral action
Several researches stand the antiviral action of dragon´s blood, and mainly the SP-303. In vitro experiments showed that this inhibits Proanthocyanidins different DNA and RNA viruses, including herpes virus, hepatitis (A and B), the influenza virus A and the parainfluenza virus.

3 .- active immunomodulatory
The drago´s blood obtained from Croton lechleri shows through in vitro testing hemolíticos, a potent inhibitory activity of the classical and alternative routes of the complement system. However, the effect of the latex is greater than the Taspinar, who introduced inhibition on the classical pathway and shows no effect on the alternative route.
Blood drago has a dual activity (antioxidant and prooxidant).

4 .- anti-inflammatory activity
It is its first property why we use dragon´s blood. Its healing propertiesinternal and external. "Vaisberg and cabbage, 1989" describe the healing power of both the "Dragon's Blood" as the alkaloid Taspinar isolated in it, because the Taspinar induces cell migration into the wounded area.

Take after breakfast and lunch from 3 to 5 drops diluted in half a glass of water

Buy dragon´s blood

Dragon´s blood (25 ml)



Copaiba Oil

Copaiba Oil - 30 ml.

Drago's Blood (Sangre de Drago)

Drago's Blood - 40 ml.
We also offer raw materials in bulk for laboratories, manufacturers, distributors or individuals. 


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