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Natural Exfoliants
Luffa, the sponge natura
Loofah also known as: lufa, luffa, LUF, vegetable sponge, grass, paste and squash native to the edges india but in a way that grows wild in the Amazon rain forest.


The Luffa is a natural sponge, with fine fibers, resistant, elastic, and soft when wet.

The sponge is used as exfoliating Lufa, where has all the advantages over their competitors made from synthetic materials, and sponges off the sea.

This applies especially when it is becoming aware that it is preferable to use products caring environment and that can be obtained easily and

Face Exfoliation :

As for the exfoliation of the face, there is a method for doing so.

Clean the face with a LUF facial sponge
, then mix one spoon of honey with exfoliating facial rosehip. Rub the mixture gently on the face and then rinse with lukewarm water.

It is recommended that this exfoliating treatment is not applied more than once a wee

Exfoliation of the body:

The LUF exfoliating products for the body should be applied as follows:
exfoliant loofah

It should exfoliate with LUF ( gloves loofah or oval body sponge) when we are in the shower or bathtub because the skin is already wet.
There's always that rubbing the body to rise to the heart with circular movements to help blood circulation.

It recommends rubbing the body with a bath mitts or a sponge oval LUF devoting special attention to the shoulders, knees, lower leg and upper arms and thighs.

The brush Luff is useful for cleaning bottom of the foot.


Inkanatura offers natural loofah products grown so wild and processed by Amazonian native communities devoted to fair trade.

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